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Friday, January 29, 2016

Review: Longing for Wolves

Longing for Wolves Longing for Wolves by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

sam and calder were once a mated triad, that was until their mate died. unable to cope with her loss calder packed up and left town, not just for a few weeks, not even a few months, but for 7 years!
and now he's back for his baby sister's wedding. in town there is a sweet girl that grabs his attention and suave as he's become over the years, getting into her panties is priority number one.
but even at the rehearsal dinner annika isn't having any of it, even when she thinks he's one gorgeous specimen. having a drink to many calder reflects on everything and ends up at sam's porch and not much later in sam's bed.
it's a start but getting back together isn't easy and more then once calder has the urge to get on his bike and drive of. when sam comes to grip with his own feelings and starts paying attention to annika too, the two wolves are mending their broken heart and are in agreement that annika would be a perfect fit for them both.
but does annika sees it the same way? because she can't see herself with two men!
a tale of grief, emotional and raw, self reflecting and open. with some meddling from a friend things get pushed a little into a certain direction.

loved this sweet read in the shifter country wolves series, the bar gets raised with every books that comes out so i know the next one will be just as good, if not better and i already know the wait will be hard!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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