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Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: Sold to the Alpha: Complete Edition

Sold to the Alpha: Complete Edition Sold to the Alpha: Complete Edition by Cara Wylde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i'm glad i got the chance to read all the parts together. if i had to wait for the next part i would have been a grumpy person till the next part!!
it was a real roller-coaster of emotions. once you start on the first part you just have to know how it continues.
girls are growing up together in a boarding school type of environment. they're divided into groups -on paper- as to which shifter group they would be perfect brides to. one such girls is doing her best not to be chosen, she wants to be free and would go that extra mile to get her freedom. days before she planned her escape in strolls Max and gone are her plans. he's instantly intrigued by the curvaceous woman with reddish blond hair. he can't help but admire her spunk and attitude as she brushes of their conversation.
happy for her friends to be chosen for interviews, Avelyn is more then surprised when she's called in for an interview as well. when she sees it's the same man she met earlier, she's a bit confused. she'd hoped her behavior would have made it clear she had no interest in becoming a bride. but it seems that no matter what she says of does as just the opposite effect. seeing her escape plans fall apart she just has to try, with the help of her roommates she plots a swift escape. once loose in the big dark forest behind the school she starts to feel hopeful she has made it. that is until she's convinced she's being watched, and how right she was. Max set two guardians on her tail to watch over her. defeated, she lets them bring her back to the school. tired as she is, she can't put up a fight any longer and just goes with the flow, even when Max arrives early in the morning to bring her to his home. once settled, she's confined to their room, alone with her thoughts and one maid the visits often and takes care of her meals.
it's then she decides she's still not ready to give up her freedom and starts plotting a new plan to escape.

i wonder if at that moment she would have know what her plan would set in motion, she would have made the same choices. her plan certainly didn't work out as planned, not for her, nor for Max and his clans. nor for the other people that help them.

a wonderful read that sucks you in from start to finish!!

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