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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Moon's Law

Moon's Law Moon's Law by Michelle Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

overhearing a conversation at the local java makes charlotte be on edge. more likely her wolf. she doesn't know how fast she wants to get away to prevent shifting in front of humans who don't know werewolves are fact and not just things that go bump in the night. rounding a corner she crashes into Kane, the local sheriff, luckily also a made werewolf like herself. antsy as her wolf is to run free , kane's nearness subdues her wolf and
he desire to shift goes away. calm enough to return to the java and pick up her car, kane is left behind to deal with an old bitty that has seen charlotte crashing into him and makes it into a tale that they're getting married! trying hard to convince her that is not true, he gives up and goes after charlotte, wanting to make sure she made it back in one piece. only he still finds her car in the parking lot next to the java and just a bit further he finds her purse. alarmed at what happened he starts to search for her just as he gets called in for a check up about a few shots that been heard nearby. once he hears who's involved and why he doesn't hesitate to do the check up himself, hoping that the wolf they were after isn't charlotte.
as he arrives it's clear who were the shooters and he swiftly locks them up in his cruiser and then sets out to look for the wounded wolf. he finds charlotte, limping and bloody. stubborn and proud she wants to get home on her own but she relents to kane who makes the journey twice as fast as he carries her in wolf form. making sure she's ok and taken care of kane returns to his cruiser. not even making the small clearing where it stood, he's getting shot at. the shooter is skilled and very much in the know about werewolves because he doesn't give up and doesn't even care that while trying to shoot kane he also shoots the two humans trapped in the back of the cruiser.
Kane manages to alert Tao about what is happening.
this all sets the start of a race against time and huge issues to try an keep things under wraps because they still don't want the humans to know about werewolves.
next to this all kane is struggling with his sudden, but insistent nudging wolf, attraction to charlotte; she smells so nice and she calms him like no other. on top of this all he still has to deal with his mother, who's now convinced he's having a girlfriend and wants him to bring her over for dinner. can things get any worse?
you'll have to pick up your own copy to find out! luckily the book ends without a cliffhanger but that still doesn't mean everything is smooth sailing!
if you enjoyed the previous ones in the series then you just have to get this one too.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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