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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Fall

Fall Fall by Kaye Blue
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

bad boy, bad boy, .... you know how the song goes?
we meet up with the petran mob family. only this time we get to know Sorin a bit better.
as his brother has fallen hard for Fawn, he's more then pissed when Fawns friends keeps popping left right and center. he doesn't trust people outside of the family and he can't quite put his finger on it but this woman just rubs him the wrong way. she doesn't listen to him, she talks back to him, she doesn't shiver with fear when he tries to stare her down. he could just strangle her!
Ester is over the moon having her old BFF back in her life. she's not as happy with who'm she ended up with but she can see that Vasile is the world to her and that he'd protect her no matter what. now his brother is a whole different story. even after several months he still can't bring himself to be civil with her. there is a constant scowl on his face when he has to look at her. he's rude, he's cocky, he's full of himself. thinking he can be the boss of her, it's infuriating!
it's when Maria, Vasile and Fawn's premature born daughter, and her godparents, Soren and herself, are needed for a picture that things come to a boil. the ever present scowl just doesn't go away no matter how much Fawn threatens them but then Ester makes a very very bold move that leaves him flustered and speechless. She kissed him!
Sorin is taken aback with the boldness Esther displayed but the feelings it awoke only made it clear what had been simmering from the moment he met her months ago. thinking that a quick romp would get her out of his system, he's proven wrong. he only wants more but Esther is stubborn enough to not just give in.
both are battling with these new emotions. will they make it work? Esther isn't convinced Sorin is right for her, he's a mobster! he's violent, rude, dangerous and oh so sexy....
will they be able to just make things work or will they choose to break things up? how far will Sorin go to protect familie? and will Esther be able to adjust to a more dangerous life? she's not so sure when she gets kidnapped....

a more then good continuation in this mob saga! you already saw a bit of sorin in the first book, it isn't an easy life, this book shows even more how uneasy it can get!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review!

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