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Friday, September 11, 2015

Reposting SIW

Those that pop in from time to time know I've started to re-post cleaned up chapters of Nick through FB. They'll stay up for a few weeks after I've posted the last chapter of that book. Then it's on to Chris' story. Once more, posting one chapter a week and chapters stay available for a bit after last chapter went live. Then it's on to Adam's. I won't post those chapters because they're still up on the blog and Literotica, I will add the new chapters as I go further with their story and link accordingly.

As for Ed's story, I'm still doubting but it will be more likely I will keep that to the blog only, hopefully with enough written to keep up a nice schedule for the rough draft. 

There will be a prologue story and once I start that one I'll be starting to take down the free reads from SIW because I'll be starting the final stage for publishing.
If you want to be part of the process, I still have room for beta readers. If interested reply here or send me a pm via FB. If you're familiar with my work : YAY, if not : YAY. A fresh pair of eyes is always welcome!

I'm also setting up a new newsletter, not intended to spam you twenty-five a day but to keep you updated with my progress. You can sign up through the blog or through my FB-page. I'm not sending out much at the moment because I'm busy cleaning up Chris' story, getting my research data back in order (I lost everything...) and I'm looking into covers and I'm trying to find a good editor and and and... So many things things to do!!

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