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Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: Keep

Keep Keep by Kaye Blue
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

he's a bad bad man. he's the head of his clan. during a meeting the "servant" girl catches his eye, which is already unbecoming of him, he has learned himself to be ignorant of others but this girl. he can't put his finger on it. as his host offers for her to "service" him, he doesn't blink an eye. when he's offered to have sex with her, he's still able to school his features but he's made up his mind. the girl's been offered and he plans on taking his host up on that offer, even going a step further and keeping her, indefinitely.
Fawn doesn't know what is happening to her, learned to shut up and do as she's told, she just goes along as the big hulking and tattooed man drags her along, out of the house, into a fancy car and drives to his own home. she knew her "boyfriend" dealt with dangerous men and she knew this one was one of them. she was afraid she got traded from one brute to another. his calm demeanor not giving away any of his feelings or thoughts, yet there was something about him. after offering her a clean shirt and the other side of his bed, she was surprised that he didn't want anything. the day after he send a girl to go shopping with her. that same day he announces she is free to go, that he won't keep her but that isn't counting on her feelings.
he gives her one chance to change her mind : "if we go further, you are mine!" hoping she'd listen to his warning, she did the opposite, she used it as an invitation.
and thus their roller coaster journey started with a lot of passion. but how long will passion last when you have taken and claimed another's man woman as your own? he's a mob boss and he promised her nothing could ever harm her...

this is such a contrasting story that gives so much insight at the inner turmoil Vasile is having from the moment he has set eyes on Fawn. his desire to have her, his desire to keep her safe but also his need to see her happy even at the cost of his own feelings. will Fawn be strong enough to stand up to him and claim what is hers and hers alone? there are some gruesome scenes but what else would you expect from a book where the leading man is the mob boss? not daisies and butterflies!! but a good read that doesn't have hang up and keeps flowing. i had to read it in one go, just couldn't put it down.

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