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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Not Another Bad Boy

Not Another Bad Boy Not Another Bad Boy by Devyn Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

in a way parker can't grasp the fact that Tom is his boyfriend. before him, he'd have sex in whatever way he could get it, where didn't matter, with whom mattered even less. But Tom, he was another ballgame. Tom listens, Tom cares. But Tom is as vanilla as they come and it's starting to eat Parker up. vanilla is fine but he wants more, he wants some of the passion he had before Tom was his boyfriend. he wanted to be used, to be bossed around and he liked it a bit rough too.
how will he make Tom understand?
a mutual friend is starting to see the cracks and when he confronts Parker, he breaks and confesses. sadly he doesn't just confess to their friend but to Tom as well who had happened to walk up to them and hearing it all.
the way he reacts has Parker at rock bottom and he sees no way how to work through the issue. luckily their mutual friends let him stay but in the end that wont solve anything.
the big question now is will they even talk to each other again?
this story proves that even though you can love each other a lot, you still have to communicate to make things work. not doing that leads only to a lot of heartache.

whether or not they get their HEA is for you to find out when you pick up a copy of this short story!

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