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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Tracking The Hunter

Tracking The Hunter Tracking The Hunter by H.A. Fortman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

rex is living on his own on "his" mountain. his wife and unborn baby killed, him being unable to protect them, him losing his baby brother during the war, also unable to protect him, has left him isolated and afraid to feel and care. his training and background makes him a strong survivor and skilled trapper but when an alien ship crashes on the slop of his mountain he isn't prepared for what his heart and mind are telling him.
now that chase's brother is killed they had one last thing to do, track down and rescue sandy, the last victim of chase's brother. it was up to palee "tracker" to find her. the crash wasn't something he thought would happen, trapped and barely alive tracker tries his hardest to get free but nothing is working.
when rex enters his ship he finds something new to god on to, something new to fight and stay alive for, something he thought would never happen. the handsome human man is the one he's dreaming about, his fated mate. he also knows that now he recognized the human for who and what he is, the time started ticking because he had to claim him within 14 days or he'll go mental and die.
rex is confused with what he finds, the ship doesn't look like anything he knew, it must be something top secret. the pilot he finds inside is something else too, he looks somewhat human but the hair, the eyes, it all creams alien to him but he's not believing it. seeing the man trapped under the console he tries his best to get him free. what rex also didn't expect was to find the strange man captivatingly handsome, wanting to touch him all the time.
things between rex and tracker keep developing but not always at the pace tracker would love them to go. as rex reveals more of his past and why he lives up on the mountain it's clear for tracker he can't just jump the poor mans bones. rex needs to want this too.
a surprise attack by an old familiar face to tracker, starts moving things along. on a swift road to recovery, tracker, has a hard job stopping rex from killing the one person who can lead them to sandy. locked in a desperate argument, both men lose track of their surroundings and their target manages to escape.
this turns out to be a cat and mouse game but eventually they find her again and are able to get back on track finding sandy.

will they be in time to find her?
will rex figure out what tracker is to him?
how about the curve-ball that is thrown at rex later on?

the second book in this series picks up nicely where the other left off. with twists and turns we're treated to a thrilling ride of acceptance and grievance and commitment. can't wait how the next part is turning out to be!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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