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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review: Knight in Leather

Knight in Leather Knight in Leather by Holley Trent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

i haven't had the pleasure yet of reading book one but enough is told in book two to not feel left out. the crew is making plans for the the other realm collapses but fate has a way of making herself the prima donna in everybodies life's. from the moment ethan saw dasha he knew she was his mate, but his crew kept them apart. as months pass they finally take pity on him and a meeting is set up. he's warned left right and center not to crowed her, not to overwhelm her and let her decide how fast or slow anything goes. she's new to their world and overwhelmed by a lot of things, that she had bad luck relationship-wise doesn't help either.
as their friends and them work towards some mutual ground, other events around them don't stop from happening.
the meetings feel forced but there are moments when things go smooth. after another set of events things more or less come to a blow and ethan is done with being careful, he's gentle and not threatening, but he can't handle the constant pussyfooting around the fact she's is his mate and refuses all contact or the care he wants to provide as well as protecting her.
but that's not the only troubles that are brewing. there is troubling news from the other realm and dasha volunteers to travel there and back because she's the only one who can get in and out undetected.
this set so much more in motion, moves the story forward at such a high pace it's hard to put the book down. it's a moment where the build gets to the top and the race down and you can't stop until you're at the end /bottom.
really loved this story from end to beginning. was glad to see that dasha grew some balls, eventually!

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