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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Loaded: A Bad Boy Romance

Loaded: A Bad Boy Romance Loaded: A Bad Boy Romance by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

alex, the scorpion, is tasked with kidnapping a daughter of their bookkeeper, who in turn is threatening to divulge all their secrets to the feds. the best way to get close to her is at a wedding where he'll pretend to be one of the guest, roofie her and lead her outside and far away until her father crumbles and capitulates.
at least that was the plan!
alex, pretending to be brent, didn't think that tessa would be such a firecracker. her witty remarks and her attitude spark something in him, a deep desire to have her, to protect her, but he also knows he's been given orders and he has to go through with them. as their meeting gets more hot and bothered alex comes clean, partly at least. he tells her his real name and another fake reason why he's at the wedding. because honestly when she screams his name, he wants it to be his real name at the height of her passion!!
but he also knows he has to get her away from there. his boss is someone you do not cross, ever!
when he succeeds to get her away it doesn't take her long to figure out something ain't right when she's tossed into the back of a huge blackened out SUV and her screams aren't getting her anywhere.
when alex finds the driver piss drunk he's furious. leaving the man behind he drives away with her on his own. upon arrival, several hours later, he tells up front what the deals is. they're alone and nobody is around for miles. she can try to escape but the heat and desert aren't really in her favor to even try it.
this starts several hours of movie watching, clipped and witty remarks, alex in a constant state of arousal and tessa confused with her feelings about alex.
she knows he's bad news, he's a killer but something about him and them together meshes well together. after hours of bickering alex cracks and gives her what she needs, not necessarily what she wants. he turns out to be a master figuring out what her needs really are.
for alex this is a turning moment and the longer he's with tessa, the more he wants her. when after 48h he finally hears from his boss it's with devastating news. the plan didn't work, even worse, kidnapping tessa wouldn't have helped at all because her dad already talked and now his boss has sent two goons to finish of tessa.

now alex has a loaded question for himself to answer and how important tessa has become to him in such a short timeframe. is she wort risking everything for? is giving her up the best thing he could do?

how this story unravels... there were a few things i had in mind that could happen but still things turned out differently.

i really enjoyed this book from start to finish, alex and tessa together is just fun to read!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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