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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review: Just Bearly in Time: A BBW/Bear Shifter Romance

Just Bearly in Time: A BBW/Bear Shifter Romance Just Bearly in Time: A BBW/Bear Shifter Romance by Alexis Dare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

30 years. that's how old he'll get without going insane when he doesn't find his mate by then.
molly is fed up with life in general. hurt more then once she's had enough, in hopes of getting over her writer's block her agents told her to go to a remote cabin and just let things happen. little did she knows she would get stranded in a full blows snow storm. to make things worse there's a big bear sniffing around her wrecked car, she doesn't know whether to scream or play dead. just as the gas runs out a few strangers enter the scene and rescue her from the wreckage.
the tall strapping man instantly makes her feel at ease, makes her feel wanted. an invisible pull she never felt before.
as the rest of his clan make her feel welcome there is just one who makes her feel awkward.
drake offers his spare room to her to rest and get better. days go by and the attraction between keeps on growing but molly can't take much more of drake keeping distance and confronts him about it. the outcomes is easy to get as she wakes up next to him later on. in need of a bit of fresh air she gets dressed and goes for a little stroll outside.
that's when her troubles really get up close and too personal as sloan comes on to her with brute force and starts rambling about claiming and turning her!
will drake get to her in time and what will molly make of this all?

a short captivating story with a dangerous ending. loved it for the short read it was.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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