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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review: To Find a Mate: Somewhere, TX

To Find a Mate: Somewhere, TX To Find a Mate: Somewhere, TX by Krystal Shannan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this story is a tearjerker!!!
adam is feeling restless. all the single ones in his family are finding their mates but he's not having any luck with Fate. even the one woman who he thought he could settle down with managed to find her true mate. having to find that out the hard way isn't helping his mind at all. he's happy for her, he just would have liked to have known up front instead of being confronted with the fact his on and of friend with benefits is not longer handing out the benefits.
when he goes to town to get his weekly coffee and "pain au chocolat" adam is sure something is off, the bakery doesn't smell as good as it normally does. as he enters he also notices that paige isn't there. he worries about that little fact. even so surprised that he isn't having his weekly fun argument just just get a coffee and random pastry and settles down to enjoy both.

paige is beyond herself. fridays are the one day she looks forward to working because it's the day she can have a little word war with adam, the man she's been crushing on for 6 years now! today of all days her boss has her schedules not to work and yet she wants to make it to the bakery. her can't help but grasp the opportunity given to him and he makes sure these two leave together, secretly hoping that something would happen!

adam is a bit confused with how paige is acting around him. the electric zing that goes through him when he touches her should be a very big warning sign. lets just put it down to male stubbornness for putting together the pieces slower then a snail...
once adam comes to terms with what paige is to him things go from bad to worse because paige happens to be wittness to a couple of wolfshifters shifting in front of her and there are strickt rules to follow when that happens!

will adam be on time? or too late? what has fate in store for him. he can't belief that after all these years his happiness would be wiped out just like that.

there are a few tearjerking moments in this books, it's emotional on so many levels. if you know the VonBrandts, you know they don't do things half-assed. in this story it is just the same...
i read the story in one sitting, i just could not put it down, i had to find out what fate had in mind!!

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