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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review: Saved by the Outlaw

Saved by the Outlaw Saved by the Outlaw by Alexis Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

cherry is looking for clues as to who and why her father was murdered. this brings her back to where she grew up: a small town near the docks.
investigating lead after lead the last one takes her to these docks. hiding behind some shipping containers she picks up on loud voices. two of them are clearly angry but the third voice was smooth, a low timbre to it. it didn't matter that what was said was the wrong kind of thing, his voice alone did something to her stomach. as the conversation drags on she can make out a little who's who. she's more then surprised to hear her name, it's the same surprise that gives away her position. she doesn't know how fast to get away and how fast she has to contact the police and report what was going on!
the police should be your friend but not according to cherry. when she tries to explain what is going on she's escorted into the back of the police car and nothing else happens, that is until a few bikers arrive and have a short conversation with the police officer. when one of the bikers turns to her and addresses her she can't belief it's the same one she was spying on before in the docks, the very one she wanted to report.
once leon learns who the woman is who ran away, some old memories come back. she's the daughter of man who's murder he's looking into. he knows something bad is going on on his turf. leon and his crew do their best to keep things going further in their town. but the constant pay cuts is hard on every one.
when the feds come rolling into town leon knows something is about to happen. he's not one to lay low so he keeps moving forward. with cherry now on his side it feels better to sort things out, though it also means he has to acknowledge his feelings for her. they never really died down.

cherry hadn't recognized him, all grown up. but the feelings he stirred in her had been familiar. and now she's on board trying to find out what going on. it had taken some patience to listen to his side of the story but the pieces were falling into place. helping himwas the onyl thing she could do.

how will they fare as more is revealed? leon and his MC are what is holding the place together, keeping the locals in business and making sure they get the jobs and not commuters.
what will they dig up to prevent from things getting even worse?

what a thrilling ride this story was!! the dedication and commitment just jumps at you. the attraction between cherry and leon takes on a life of its own. an awesome story with no cliffhanger ending!!!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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