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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review: PERSONAL: A Stepbrother Sports Romance (With bonus novel, Tempt Me, Ravage Me

PERSONAL: A Stepbrother Sports Romance (With bonus novel, Tempt Me, Ravage Me PERSONAL: A Stepbrother Sports Romance (With bonus novel, Tempt Me, Ravage Me by Stephanie Brother
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

yup, that shower was needed after i was done reading about cat and ramon. as a teen cat packed a bit more weight. in hopes of getting into shape she asked ramon, her stephbrother to help her train, which he did. but when she walks in on him at school and hears what he has to stay about her and her figure she looses it. she's determined to get in shape and forget all about ramon!
6 years later and there isn't a trace left of "fat cat" , she's now one of the hottest models around and is wanted left right and center.
when ramon sees her on television he can't belief his eyes. his stepsister turned into a real looker, noth that she had to change for him, he liked her just the way she was. going back on memory lane he knows he hurt her and he really wants to apologize to her but he doesn't really know how.
when they run into each other at a nightclub ramon grabs his chance to get back in touch.
what follows is a whirlwind of emotions and trips down memory lane as both youngsters come to terms what they feel or don't feel for each other. they get up close and personal to work out their differences.

i wonder who needed the shower more, them or me? what a heated and naughty read this was. i'm glad they could work things out one way or another! lovely read and wouldn't mind rereading it at any time!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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