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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Review: Tempted by the Tiger

Tempted by the Tiger Tempted by the Tiger by Cristina Rayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

we join maxim in this story as he sets out for london. kylie and hunter had gone there under the guise of a school break but after a few days nothing is heard from them. having some connections in london, maxim travels and hopes to find both of the youngsters. the video that is found online, unclear as it is for the human eye, is clear enough for all of them to understand something serious has happened and action must be taken.
as maxim tries is his best to locate both of them, it's clear that many pawns are in motion and things have to be done very carefully. they get a tip from someone that claims she's seen one of them. as it turns out this person knows a whole lot more then she's letting on. she brings them to kylie, thinking keeping her off grid, out of a hospital was the best route.his own tiger chooses this time to develop a one track mind but his grieve is holding him back. as they unravel the mystery of where is hunter is, things between them grow hotter and more intense.
wonderful installment in this series. we're a bit closer to finding out what the lions have planned. in this part we learn they have much more planned then they thought!
as things come to a high some choices need to be made and it was nice to be in on that process.

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