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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Review: Aleck: Mating Fever

Aleck: Mating Fever Aleck: Mating Fever by V. Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

noel loves what she does and she likes going after new bands her label could sign. and this was just what she was doing when she's scouting out Second Sound. the guys on stage looked like nordic gods, clear they were related. but the one she spots on the side as her stomach making somersaults. first contact is made and things with the band look promising. the one brother not on stage turns out to be aleck, their main songwriter/manager.
noel can't help but feel those butterflies, something she never had with her current boyfriend/slash boss. looking at their relationship and where things stands at the moment she can only conclude they're better of being boss/employee again.
noel manages to convince him to let her handle everything for the group. as her job starts taking care of the band, so does aleck start getting closer to her and it doesn't take long before things get heated.
but it also doesn't take long for misunderstandings and more conflict to transpire!
how will these two very different people make things work, if they manage that at all?
lovely addition to the lindquist brothers' stories. one more to go! curious how difficult things will be for him.

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