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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review: ARRESTED - A Stepbrother Cop Romance

ARRESTED - A Stepbrother Cop Romance ARRESTED - A Stepbrother Cop Romance by Stephanie Brother
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

allyson is speeding to get home, trying to escape her troubles. when she gets pulled over she can't help the butterflies that start wreaking havoc in her tummy when officer carlisle tells her to step outside and assume the position. his search is thorough and to the point. deep down she hoped he'd do a more in depth search!
luck was on her side because he let her go with just a verbal warning.
now imagine her surprise when her mother calls her up the day after asking to meet up for dinner, that she has some news to share. even bigger is her surprise when she meets officer carlisle outside of the restaurant, the shock is even bigger when it turns out her mothers new fiancé is officers carlisle father.
the feelings that were growing inside of her were now completely forbidden, not with their parents being together.
but real life has a bad habit of making bad things turn out even badder, or hotter?
alyson is having trouble with her ex boyfriend, drew, who's tring to win her back, he'll result to anything from hurting to blackmailing her and eventually even kidnapping her.
by then her relations with cory carlisle has changed big time too and cory is doing everything he can to rescue her!

thrilling on so many levels, good and bad! the sizzles between cory and alyson are electrifying! the drama following alyson is all to real and nobody should ever be in such a position! this was a ride filled with danger, lust , fear and love. if you like complicated romances with a hard edge this is one to pick up and add to your list

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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