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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Wolf Born

Wolf Born Wolf Born by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Max is leading a double life. his public persona of governor makes it possible for him to travel all around with a lot of resources. his not so public persona is him being the head of the underground that is trying to fight against the prejudice against shifters. trying to stop the culling and imprisonment of his fellow shifters.
just like all the other shifters he longs for his true mate and he knows exactly who she, where she and who she works for, but in all these months that she's been his PA she has declined every single dinner invitation. it was already a running joke between them, every end of the week he would ask her out and she would decline every single time.
audrey is happy to work for max, hiding her little crush on him as best as she could. every single time he asked her out she wished she should say yes but he was a public figure and her own sympathies were with the shifters giving her own diluted bloodline. she didn't want to drag him down with the little things she did to try and help the underground movement. knowing her time with max was soon over she makes up her mind and accepts his returning invitation to dinner.
mas is more then surprised when out of the blue audrey accepts. at least that shines a bright light on an otherwise gloomy day. somethings are happening one being a person trying to expose him as a shifter with barely no proof.
now with audrey giving in even more is at stake. but when the danger around him goes to an all time high max is forced to make some decisions. a lot is at stake. the underground, the other shifters, himself, audrey.
what choices will max make now so much is at stake?
a suspenseful second part in the underground trilogy. ann gimpel keeps on weaving the story and keeps us enthraled at the same time. these book are a bit of a longer read but so much worth the time spent reading! the underground isn't really left underground as this story goes on.
those who picked up book one really should read this one too because the story only gets better.

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