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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Roman's Gold

Roman's Gold Roman's Gold by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

a suspenseful start to this trilogy. each of the main stories could be read on their own but together and in order they bring you a tale like no other with a red line story going through all three books.
shifters came out but were then forced to go underground, only those with very dilated shifterblood were allowed in human jobs. those in law enforcement positions where also handpicked to receive serum that would enhance their shifter abilities but wouldn't allow them to shift.
one of those is devon. he's charged with following a a female who's suspected to be a shifter and needs to be apprehended. he didn't count on the fact that his shifterpart would wake up more when he's around the woman. it felt like another beying was waking up inside of him and she was the only one who could sate the beast.
kate had worked as a sex surrogate for some time now, it fit her nature specially since she was an unmated wolf. but when devon comes snooping around her practice kate is forced to make a few decisions. something about him seems off and has her wolf all riled up. when events puts them together they have to trust each other, themselves and their counterparts. for kate that comes a bit easier because she's a wolf by nature, devon on the other hand is more then surprised when he shifts for the first time, depending on kate to teach him the ropes.
devon figures out what makes it possible for him to shift and he isn't all too happy about the experimental serum he was given. not that he's unhappy with the outcome, but the way they're tricked into taking it and for what purpose ...
kate and devon need to really go underground and have a lot on their mind when they find out what is all going on. devon is even more surprised as to who is all part of the underground.

i'm not even starting to unravel the big picture story here but it's woven together so good even trying to only convey 10% of it would reveal so much! if you're a fan of ann gimpel you can safely and with a reassured heart pick up this first book in the trilogy and start an amazing journey!

posting a review for the single book, i have the full boxed set

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  1. Thank you so much. And you never know, I might revisit this world some day.