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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Elder: Reckless Desires

Elder: Reckless Desires Elder: Reckless Desires by Holley Trent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

two broken people, two pasts that last their scars literally and physical!
when esther is given permission to leave the pack with her kids after her husband/mate died, she doesn't know how fast she has to leave!
with bearly any belongings with her she only knows one location to go to but getting there is hard. she has no means to actually contact anyone there and she doesn't have any current numbers. getting as close as her dwindling money gets her, she knows she is close. weary, tired and close to giving up she makes one last effort and with her last few credits on her phones she contacts a number, she found be sheer luck, in norseton. she doesn't know how fast she has to tell everything, who she is, who she's looking for and that she has no means of getting further.
enter nixon, a wolf heading back to norseton, asked to sent proof that esther is who she says she is and to bring her with him, together with her kids. being one of the older single wolves there is something about esther that has his wolf on high alert, despite the of another male wolf marking her as taken. when he hears her mate is dead he dares to think of something more. but her past and his own proof to be some obstacles they have to overcome before both belief that lady fate means well with pairing the two of them.

this was a wonderful story about embracing the future, dealing with the past and so much more emotional stuff. liked that these characters were already older and with a heavy past that wasn't all sunshine and butterflies.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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