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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review: Dragon's Heat

Dragon's Heat Dragon's Heat by Crystal L. Shaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

drago had been restless for a while, decades even. when, together with his brothers, he's presented with a the "offer" of slaves, one of them catches his interest right away. when he steps closer she has his dragon in a fits. the state she's in has him, dragon and man, on the verge of breaking out and killing the human who presented the women to his and his brothers as a piece offering.
drago has only eyes for her and before his brothers could get closer and figure out why he was interested he whisked her up and away to his private room.
kara was terrified of the dragonshifter. captured and forced to be a slave, she saw no other way out as to start starving herself, but even that wasn't enough to avoid her final chapter. what she didn't imagine was this shifter actually taking in the state she was in and wanting to take care of her. everything he says and does only comforts her, making it harder for her to hate him. when he makes her an offer she can hardly refuse she's lost with what to do. but the quick attraction that is growing between them is also overruling her mind.
will drago and kara find common ground to make the best of their situation or will both have to dig a bit deeper and confront their emotions.
i really enjoyed reading the story of these two. the "other" story that goes through the series as a red line is moving forward step by step. i only started this series late and started with this book (rest will follow!) and it wasn't hard to pick up on this story line and intrigues.

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