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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Warin's War

Warin's War Warin's War by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

gabrielle is tired of her job, her mind constantly wandering where it shouldn't be. enough is enough and she decides to quit. numbers simply aren't her thing, magic is. she's one of few that decided magic was the way to go and was linked with a fearie.
on her way home she feels a strange pull. when she sees from who the pull is coming she panics. the arch enemy of their kind is watching her, following her. she has every reason to be afraid because when either of the species meet one ends up dead!
but this one is different, the pull is different and he isn't attacking her at all. even better when others pick up on them he drags her with him and rescues them both. confused at what is going on and why she has to make the choice to trust him or to escape.
warin is tired of the endless battle, the earth is dying and something needs to be done. the balance needs to be restored but getting all parties to understand, well that's the hard part. when he runs into gabrielle he see what could happen if they bundle their resources. what isn't a bad thing is that gabrielles familiar fearie can help him get in contact with the other fearies to hear his plead.
as time goes on and they twarth danger after danger most starts to grow between them and when they join their powers it's clear what kind of path they all should be walking but it's convincing all others of it's importance that's going to be the hard part!

this was just a wonderful story, i'm secretly hoping this is not a standalone story in this world. there is so much potential for more pairings, more intrigue and trouble!! i had this on my to read pile for a while now, thinking, i have to read this, but something always came up but once i started reading : i couldn't put it down, it just had to keep on reading till the end! another masterpiece ann gimpel!

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