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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Blood Bond: Shifter Paranormal Romance

Blood Bond: Shifter Paranormal Romance Blood Bond: Shifter Paranormal Romance by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

can i give this book a ten star rating?
the conclusion of this trilogy has me a bit sad because there is so much potential in this world!
blood bond picks up where wolf born ended. max is fighting for his life, Johannes, the head of the underground security doesn't really know what to do. well he does but it's something he doesn't take lightly to and it's something that isn't known in the shifterworld at all! but seeing max fighting to stay alive the choice isn't hard to make.
daria, a cat shifter has been a healer for hundred of years. when she's called to max' house she taken aback by what she walks into. mas lying in a pool of his own blood, so much blood that she doesn't understands why he still lives. johannes' excuse doesn't ring true to her but she hasn't much choice but take over the care for max. as events pass they get thrust together again.
despite her misgivings about johannes' honesty she can't help but to be attracted to the mystery man, her cat uppes the ante by claiming he's their mate.
but that doesn't fit with the plans johannes has about his own life, but even his own cat has a mind of it's own....

this conclusion of the trilogy is dramatic, eventful, emotional!! the turmoil the character go through in this book , there are no words for that!
the conclusion of the overall story is very satisfying, a very good ending for the ride it has taken us over the length of three books.
ann gimpel, you outdid yourself with this story!

posting a review for the single book as i have the boxed set

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  1. You just made my morning! Thank you so very much. I'm delighted you loved this trilogy.