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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Wild Love

Wild Love Wild Love by Alisa Woods
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the first book already sketches some of the past things that happened to the Wilding family. in this book we meet noah wilding. he also went through a lot of experiments and he also turns into a white wolf but there is more but he's keeping that to himself. now he works for the security firm that currently is hunting down the wolf hunter. somebody or some group that hates shifters is killing them in a public display. now the target is wildlove a dating app set up to hook up with either a human or shifter. several car bombs have already gone off, luckily without serious casualties. noah steps up for a date through the app in hopes of luring out the bomber. he didn't expect to find shy emily. she doesn't come across as someone who's after a one night stand. just when things were going smoothly all hell breaks loose and he has to leave her behind.
big is his surprise when the day after he meets her again but now as emily the head programmer for wildlove. he's positive she has nothing to do with the bombings but the rest of the team isn't so convinced. the best way to get to the truth is to stick by her side and try to find the real bomber.
as the two work closely together the attraction is growing too. when noah's wolf finaly lets him know what emily is to them he's more then confused. he's no mate material and the situation i far from ideal to even consider taking a mate. not to mention his past and his true origins!

this story picks up where the previous books stopped. the main story ends with no cliffhangers but the story woven through the books isn't finished, that one runs deep! the secrets and drame, danger and safehaven, the interactions and the charactres were all really wel build. really enjoyed reading this story.

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