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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Bearly Believing

Bearly Believing Bearly Believing by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

when summer is trying hard to find clue that the local mine is behind the decay of nature she didn't expect to stumble upon a dead bear. she also didn't expect to be found by the game warden and finding out the dead grizzly is actually a local shifter. gruff as the warden may seem there is something about him that interests her. she doesn't want to pursue it because she has only one thing on her mind : find proof the mine is at fault !!
chance doesn't know what to make of the situation when he finds a petite woman with dreads handling syringe, taking samples from a dead grizzly, a man he knew even. he can't do anything else but see her as a suspect no matter how adamant she is she didn't do anything, that she's here to try to proof the mine is behind it all, the death and decay of the nature!
both are headstrong and both want to find out the truth. for chance the truth also is that this woman is his perfect match, having his bear in full on lust modus! she's their mate and his bear wants him to claim her and make cubs, plenty of cubs.
will these opposites get together or is their stubbornness their downfall as they're having to work together to find out who's the killer.

another wonderful addition to the bear wardens! loved the other books in this series and this was on par with the others. you can read them as stand alones and out of order (i did), they're to the point with no overabundance of info you could find in those superlong books. liked the short sweet turn around of this one.

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