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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Belize

Belize Belize by Kimberly Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

we join the gang as they're heading to Belize for Tanya and Ethan's wedding.
Cynthia is happy for them but she can't help outing a bit, all of her friends are here with either their husband or boyfriend and she's here alone!
on top of it all she's forced to bunk with aunth ophelia, the nightmare of all roommies unless you like p0rnmovies, an abundance of sex toys and a sex drive with no moral compass and all that in the package of 50+ old lady!
trying to have a moment to herself she finds a secluded spot at the beach but what she sees appearing before her eyes has her on high alert. like a true god of the sea she sees a naked man making his way out of the see and towards her. she can't deny he looks pretty impressive, build like a tank hung like a ... you know that. when they verbally spar she can't help but admire him. his innuendo's left aside he would be someone she could have fun with.
but she swore of one night stands, what she wants not is a steady boyfriend, soon-to-be husband, a house with a picket fence and kids.
chase takes one look at her and knows he wants her but she's not having it. she's admitting their attraction but is very clear she's not after a one night stand but that she wants more.
chase has got to come to terms that his personal position has changed but hoping for another outcome never killed anyone. in his persue to get cynthia where he wants her, he starts seeing things the way they are, he even starts to understand his brother Ethan but he's conviced HEA isn't in his future.
or is it?
will cynthia cave for the relentless charm chase keeps firing at her?
will chase accept his new future ?
and what about that bïatch stephanie? (oh yeah she shows up too ...)

what a joy this was to read, the verbal sparring was fun to read, the payback even better! revenge is best served itchy hihi
can't wait to meet the gang again in aruba!!

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