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Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: Black Velvet

Black Velvet Black Velvet by Elianne Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

when joy has no real other choice but to leave her old ground because of her complete pack being slaughtered, she ends up with Eryma pack. she knew the first few days were going to be settling in, but when she started training she started noticing that everyone in the pack was avoiding her, not even making eye contact, a hello or a wave. like she didn't exist for them. the only one who finally stepped up and actually worked out with her alone was the pack alpha warren. her wolf is very interested in him but if the pack wouldn't even acknowledge her then why would the alpha?
after a strenuous training session joy can't help but be frustrated, training didn't ease one bit of the stress that was building up inside of her. in the heat of the moment she admits to warren what she really wants. his reaction isn't what she was expecting but when he returns with a tiny piece of paper and a simple request to be there at a certain hour to solve all her problems she starts having a little bit of hope.
when she finally is able to enter "black velvet" her hopes grow even more, when she goes over the D/s contract she can't help but be giddy. Warren is a Dom! could this be the HEA she was looking for?
join joy and warren as they come together as master and servant, see how the battle through their feelings of acceptance in search of that one thing they all want : happiness.

this isn't hardcore bdsm! it's light and easy, rules are discussed and respected! things i very much like to see incorporated when it even hints at anything BDSM related. writing is make belief but for so many people reading a book is like escaping reality into another reality that feels just as real. i enjoyed how they learned from and with each other, boundaries, rules. and then there is the pack to keep in consideration too because warren is the alpha after all.
so many little things that make a simple thing very complicated.
but i really enjoyed reading this book and i can only hope, because we saw a few familiar pack people inside the club, this isn't the last one in this world!

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