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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: The Right Side of My Pillow

The Right Side of My Pillow The Right Side of My Pillow by LaShawn Vasser
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

promises are meant to broken, that's what jade "cricket" anderson learns the hard way. growing up with cole in the same housing-group was hard but when he didn't show when she turned 18 she made choices that she thought were for the best.
skip forward ten years. jade is bearly making due juggling two jobs to pay for her rent. she isn't feeling all to well and the feeling doesn't go away, even gets worse when cole and entourage enter the restaurant she's working at. cole is surprised to see her and acts like nothing bad happened. that is the drop for jade and she quickly changes tables with another waitress, she doesn't want to get involved with him.
but when she takes a turn for the worse and ends up being taken to hospital Cole shows up as the knight in shining armor. he offers even more help as he overheard her conversation with her landlord. seems her former roommate skipped town with more then just her personal things, she kindly forgot to pay the rent and now she's being evicted with 2 days left to get her things out.
cole offers her to stay with him until she's back on her feet. his girlfriend isn't all too happy with this arrangement and puts on a brafe front for the most part but when she gets jade alone she shows her true colors;
jade couldn't care less because there aren't any romantic feelings between them. right? sure she had a crush on him when they were younger and today he looked even hotter but his interest has always been that of a big brother.
then how does she explain the feelings that keep popping up? how can she explain how easy it is to be around him even when she's angry or upset?
his girlfriend showing her true nature isn't making things easier and things have to be sorted because how they are now isn't working for anyone.

a wonderful story about two people finding each other again, finding out how they've changed and what has stayed the same. growing up together made all the difference for them but they end up in whole different situations. neither is happy but will they find a way to come together and make a future? loved this story enormously! felt a bit sad when it was done. can hope for a visit later on.

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