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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: Bear Unbound

Bear Unbound Bear Unbound by Cara Wylde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

she's done with her husbands lies and his cheating ways, he didn't even deny them, the opposite even, he thought it normal to have mistress after mistress.
finding refuge with a friend, she took er daughter with her, telling her they were on vacation. she didn't know how to tell her she left her father and filed for divorce. her friend tries to cheer her up and drags her along for a little make over, and a little pampering to feel good. then she send her to a friend to help her move on. that friends helps re mind her of someone she used to know, someone she never met in person but that someone had always been her rock and they always shared everything: jokes, heartache, their sexual exploits, nothing was taboo to talk about. it's when she met her soon to be ex-husband that she lost contact.
on her way to her friends house, she made a rash choice and sent of a text to Tyler and is even more surprised he answers right away and even wants to meet up that same night. it's like time had stood still, that's how easy it was to rekindle their friendship. but meeting him in the flesh made it clear to her there was more then friendship brewing between them.
it all seems to be too good to be true. then she hears her husband refuses to sign the divorce. if that isn't enough to make her angry she's also about to find out her husband wasn't who he said he was, but the same goes for tyler. as it turns out both are on different sides, one just wanting to live and the other seeing them a s a threat to mankind.

thrilling story with all the right ingredients to let you keep on reading to find out if they get their HEA or not!
why are bears so cuddly?

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