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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: The Alpha's Fight

The Alpha's Fight The Alpha's Fight by Michelle Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

waking up in a nursing home not knowing who you are, what happened, how you got there, can do strange things with you. same goes for the fact you keep screaming about shifters while you turn out to be one yourself.
luckily for our "jane doe" Tillie takes her under her wing and even manages to set up a blind date with her grandson that is coming to visit her in a few days.
once "jane" and the grandson, Ryder, meet each other it's like everything is speeding up. little things start triggering her memory and with ryder's help she gets closer to finding out who she is, why she ended up in the nursing hom. that along the way ryder stirs a lot of feelings inside of her is a nice bonus.
at first ryder is reluctant to step up but when his grandmother trusts and care fore someone, she goes the whole nine yards for them. quite a few alarm-bells go off when he meets "jane" and hears her story. when he starts connecting lines, things don't look so good. his own agenda is compromised as well and sorting out that mess should be his priority but as days pass and jane's story gets more twists into it then a bowl of spaghetti. as more facts get to the surface and they all get a more clear look on it all one would wish your memory stayed lost!

really liked how this story was build up, the characters were developed and those that needed liking were liked, those that needed hating were hated with a vengeance. there was a nice pace to the story, never had the feeling parts were just added as filler. everything made sense.
though this is book 3 in the series, you can read it on it's own, enough is told to make links with events and characters from the previous .

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