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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Review: Catching the Tiger

Catching the Tiger Catching the Tiger by Sennah Tate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

and the plot thickens in this installment! years ago, sean had a chance encounter with a woman he later figured out was his mate. but he only knew her first name and that was it. that was until he heard her voice on the TV. he played/rewinded her interview several times but his tiger and himself agreed. it was her, their one true mate!! she was now an upcoming interior designer. the perfect way for him to get back in touch with her was easy to get. now all he had to do was woo her socks of. this would go easy if it wasn't for the fact he more or less is summoned by a pack elder, ringing all his alarm bells and whistles. if later on a friend only confirms his suspicions things don't go so well.
she on the other hand is a witch with one special and rare skill set, she can see auras, the reason why she's so successful as a designer. this also helps her to identify the evil influence a certain witch in this coven has. her need to prove herself right has the group on high alert. together they're looking for a way to get proof but it isn't easy!

the plot with the substory thickens as we go on. a war is brewing and i'm starting to wonder if they will ever get to the bottom of this! the wait for the next book will be an impatient one! on the plus side another couple has bonded and i'm quite sure all the bonds made so far will play a crucial role, i'm sure of it! goes sulking in a corner while waiting.

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