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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: Keep: The Wedding

Keep: The Wedding Keep: The Wedding by Kaye Blue
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

we go back to our "first" couple. things are going good, as good as can be for a mobster. as he takes care of business, he knows that the love of his life is a target and he doesn't want to make it bigger with commitment, he likes things the way they are. he mostly can dominate her resistance but things grow restless between them.
when she's "arrested" and taken in for questioning (or rather driven somewhere secluded) she stands her ground.
when she turns back up at their home he's more then relieved to have her back in his arms, he even tells her they'll get married. but her reaction isn't what he thought it would be and it takes a good talking down from his brother to realize he really messed up with her.

what will it take to get a mob boss on his knees?

i loved getting back in touch with the petrans, seeing how finding love has changed them but yet they stay bad ass mobsters! can't wait to see if more is added to this series as i loved book one to three, i also loved this one just the same!

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