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Monday, March 7, 2016

Review: PUNT: A British Bad Boy Football Romance

PUNT: A British Bad Boy Football Romance PUNT: A British Bad Boy Football Romance by Vivian Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

big bad boy liam has done a huge favor for his long time friend, knowing the trouble he's in right now. he got him on the same footbal team and he even managed to get a job for that friends sister. when the siblings step into the room for the meeting, he's surprised to see who the sister is. he actually met her a year ago and she wasn't as uptight as she is now. playing along her ruse and pretending not to know her, liam can't help to be intrigued by her, wanting to push her buttons...
audrey doesn't know what her brother is up to, he keeps talking about his famous friend liam, and him landing him a job for him on the same football team. audrey is only going along to make sure her brother doesn't do anything stupid, most of his schemes turn out to be false. but when they enter a few pieces fall into place. her brother hasn't lied, liam, really is famous, one of the best foot ballplayers of the moment. but, he's also the guy she had a huge snog-battle with a year ago. lost in her thoughts she's baffled to hear they want to hire her as the new PA for liam, to keep him out of trouble and to keep trouble away from him. not sure what to do, the salary is what moves her across the dotted line.

and that's when things go from normal to crazy and heated! liam is making it his job to keep pushing at her boundaries and finding all other buttons to get a rise out of her and also to get her into his bed but she's resisting every attempt. next to this he's dragging her all over town trying to get her brother out of trouble, trouble he's kept hidden from his sister and family. it's during those times of shock and disbelief she sees an other side of liam, a side wanting to be there for her brother and it's making it hard for her to keep resisting him.

when they finally give in they don't surface for weeks, but a few choice events leads to a heap of heartache and bad decisions.

who will choose for who? liam is a regular bad boy but wil audrey be the one able to tame him? pick up a copy of your own and read how these two make the pages (or screen) sizzling hot with their crazy bantering and word feuds and more acrobatic endeavors! once i started reading the book it was hard to put it down, loved it!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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