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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review: Hunted Wolf

Hunted Wolf Hunted Wolf by Camryn Rhys
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

as the one person who actually wanted to go home but decided to stay with the group hannah isn't really fond of violence and of they they had plenty in the last few days and weeks. she was ready to go back home and settle with the man her parents thought was good for her.
fate had other plans when her magick pulled her straight to one of the rangers. he was rude, he ignored her and he was everything she didn't look for in a man. however her wolf was whistling and agreeing with fate that Viper was one fine specimen of a wolf.
viper didn't know what the stirring in his stomach was but it was something he could do without, he was here for a mission and one mission only: take out adrian rossi. the little pixie just had to shut up and keep her feelings to herself. it would jeopardize the mission.
but hannah isn't having any of it, she noticed he felt the magick too and in her pack it's custom when fated mates recognize the magick they bond right away and that is just what she wants and does after she's able to wring it out of him that he feels it too. little did she know what it would do with them both.
as the team gets moving, they get separated. they stumble across other people running away from the main house and it's then things really are set in motion. it's when it's all over it becomes clear how low rossi had gotten to chase his dream and to make that dream come true.

what an ending to this story!! so much heartache so much trouble, the pain and agony that is portrayed in this final book is heart wrenching.
i loved the end epilogue, touching base with all the couples formed in this series and see how they're faring.

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