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Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Submission Specialist: A Bad Boy Romance

Submission Specialist: A Bad Boy Romance Submission Specialist: A Bad Boy Romance by Ada Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

book one was awesome, book two : to die for!! not sure where to start with this one. he's a badass fighter, he's also a womanizer but when shy skylar steps into his room after a fight to massage him all his senses and desires go into overdrive. time is playing against him because everytime he thinks he can make his move on her something comes in between.
then the big bosses have a new plan, one with a whole plotted out scenario. he doesn't like that, not one bit. but then skylar creeps into his mind and suddenly that plans takes on a whole new meaning. he agrees, on one condition. the pretend bride/wife isn't the girl they're suggesting, he wants skylar for that role!
working behind the scene on the lower levers skylar is nervous when she's called up to help out with the big fighters, specially when she's told she's to take care of Austin, one of the best fighters in the ring. just being near him makes her feel all weird but she does her best not to give in. she loves her job too much to break the one rule : staff doesn't mingle with the fighters.
but austin is making it hard (in more ways then one) for her to concentrate on her job.
when a few days later she's called upstairs with the bosses she thinks she's losing her job. what awaits her as her even more surprised. with her job on the line she doesn't see any way out and agrees to the fake wedding to Austin.
what starts out as fake and pretend takes on a real feeling pretty quick. when more dangerous stuff threatens them both things go from bad to worse to lethal!

a thrilling story that had me on the tip of my chair rooting for them! some surprises along the way (good and bad!) it was hard to put down the book until it was finished!
can't for the next bad boy is sent our way!!

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