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Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: His To Bear

His To Bear His To Bear by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brody is gutted when he finds his best friend in his bear form. shifting back to human form only one word escapes from his lips before he looses consciousness again : pushed!
that one word sets so much in motion but during all this his own bear still finds the time to zero in on Millie, the new MD, a curvaceous doctor in charge of taking care of his best friend. mate is all his bear is able to say and though brody agrees with him, he doesn't think the time is right, not with his mind all over the place now he lost his best friend and the pending investigation.
millie proves to be very resourceful and helpful. so much so that his bear pushing him faster then he'd like but on more then one occasion he gives in to the attraction and those moments are the best of his life.
but there is still a murder to be solved!
together their gathering clues and finding out more.
the conflict in their feelings is touching, he wants to grieve but finding his mate makes him a bit happy at the same time.
it was touching to see these two come together, his pain and his joy just jumped at you from the virtual pages. the core of the story read like a really good who-done-it, liked how it all fit together.
i hope this series goes on for a while. there are a lot of forests that need wardens, right?

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