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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Dragon Void

Dragon Void Dragon Void by Ophelia Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the revelation at the end of book one is the start of this one. lukas and iszak's sister Evie isn't dead! she's being held captive by the same man that had betrayed belah all those millenia ago.
ked, belah's brother, knows that evie is his mate but getting her out won't be easy. the blessed man that got their blood transfused by their dragonblood are strong, if not stronger then the immortals. how they'll go about it will take some serious planning. another big unknown is who will be there, will it be battle or can they act quickly and covertly.
when ked manages to shadow himself inside the sights that greets him rips his heart apart! evie and a man are drenched in blood and near death. evie, weak as she is, still recognized ked for who and what he is and puts up no fight at all. her only request is to bring the man with them so she can bury him with grace.
ked has no other choice as to bring both and then their journey starts, yes theirs as in multiple. evie is healing, getting her wings back and trying to cope with the loss of marcus.
ked knows that marcus is now an elite, a blessed man with his blood changed with that of three dragons, three imortal dragons, his brother's and his'. he also knows marcus isn't dead, but it's going to take a lot of convincing to make marcus understand he isn't dead yet and won't be for a long time to come. that they need him alive, that evie needs him.
it's the start of a big emotional ride of acceptance and moving forward. as the story in the present day continues you get glimpses of what happened in the past. you get to know the elites for who they are and you can't help to feel sorry for them. none of them choose to be what they are today!

i was glad i was given the opportunity to read this book beforehand. i already love ophelia's writing, specially her dragons. but the emotional trauma that is depicted in this series is so raw and real! it's simple to be in awe of. i'm rooting for the other four now! it's going to be a touch waiting game for these books but i'll have to endure!

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