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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Dragon Blues

Dragon Blues Dragon Blues by Ophelia Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

we join miss bell as she starts another journey with our most beloved dragons. this time it's the immortal ones who have to wake up and get with the times.
a big mistake so many eons ago made for the immortal six to go into hiding and even hiding their children.
but now is the time for them to come out of hiding and like their children find happiness again. easier said then done!
the first one who's "chosen" to meander into "our" world and time is Belah, a red dragon. she isn't very trusting of mankind because it was a man who betrayed her and made them all go into hiding. the true story had gotten lost over time and what is told today hurts her to even hear it being told. she didn't set out to do what happened, she was a victim just as much as the dragons and other species that were captured over the centuries.
on her first night out Belah was captivated by Luke from the moment her eyes met his and she got enchanted by the music he was playing. her fellow dragon and friends are wuick to usher her to move things forward and as the show is over, the man she desires, Lukas, makes his way over to their table. quick introductions are made because as it turns out her friends know who he is, and not much later both of them are on their way to his house. it's only when things get more heated that belah starts to realize there is more to lukas then meets the eye.
hoping for the best she tries to tell him her story but from the second he figures out who she really is he makes a 180. she's the cause his sister is gone and dead!
crushed and broken, belah leaves. but her friends aren't giving up and tell her that she has to trust fate. if she sets out a plan, it will get completed, maybe not the easiest way to get to the end goal but she works her magic.
keeping this in mind belah goes out again, meeting lukas' brother Iszak and the attraction is just the same. he knows who she is being informed by his brother already. but he sees things a bit differently and is willing to hear her out.
belah is a bit conflicted, how can it be that fate has more then one mate for her in mind?
how far will she have to go? she is one of the immortal six! but finding happiness is important to her too.

i really liked this continuation with our dragons. this time we see another side of them. the emotional battle all of them have to go through are heartbreaking but the reward is so worth it! the ending is even better is a terrible tease for the second book in the immortal series!

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