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Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Bear Actually

Bear Actually Bear Actually by Truli Thorne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

for months she has worked for the mayor and for exact the same amount of time did she thwart his advances, no matter how much she enjoyed their weekly banter when he tries to ask her out.
but when cleo goes to her doctor appointment and is given not so good news she knows time isn't on her side if she wants to be a mother! she's not looking for a relationship but she does want a good natural donor for her baby, her clock is ticking! for her there is only one prime candidate and that's her direct boss, the mayor. for months she avoided him and now she's done doing that. much to his surprise, when she tells him she changed her mind about the date. the smile appearing on his face shows that his interest in her was probably more then the fun weekly banter and really wanted to go out with her.
peter doesn't know where to go with his happiness when cleo finally accepts his invitation for dinner. for months his bear has been pining away for her, the one his bear said was their mate. he agreed 100% but he had to be careful, nobody but a select few knew he was a bear. shifters weren't "out" and him being mayor didn't make it easy on him to pursue his mate or not. that she worked for him was the only thing that kept his bear in check all the time.
but then some hot shot lawyer steps in and threatens to ruin it all!
oblivious to cleo a lot is happening all around her and when details start trickling in there is more then just her own clock ticking for time!

blackmail and danger, friendships tested, love blooming, secrets shared. all ingredients for a good book. lovely addition to this series, a few familiar faces that ties the books nicely together, love it!
if you read the books prior to this one, then you just have to get this one too.

fre copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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