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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Honeymoon Hoax

Honeymoon Hoax Honeymoon Hoax by Devyn Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i like the books devyn writes, short sweet reads for a quick getaway from life. with this one surpassed himself. i was a bit sad it was over and hoped there was more to follow!

brad's been left at the altar. to drown his sorrow, his best mena nd himself have a merry get together instead of the wedding party. tipsy as he is he can't help but complain that his all paid for wedding vacation is now not happening. an all-in cruise with lots of awesome activities at a low price. he can't just go with a friend because the low price had a catch to it : you had to be married and that is just the problem! he's go spouse!
his best friend cameron is sad with how things went for brad. he didn't deserve this. he wished he could comfort him in the way he would prefer, always having had a crush on him but brad had always stated that he was straight, so a secret crush it was.
one of their friend comes up with the brilliant idea for the two of them getting married and go on that cruise!
brad, in his drunken state is all for it and it doesn't take him long to get on one knee and ask cameron to marry him.
he doesn't really know how to handle it, deep down it's THE thing he wished for for a long time, but he also knows it's just pretend. he can't help but want to help his best friend and accepts. not much later and the group of men makes their way onto the vegas strip and finding a wedding chapel to tie the knot.
from there on out things are moving fast. the little changes in brad towards him make him wonder if maybe, really maybe, brad might feel more for him? will this cruise be a time for exploring a secret desire or is it a road straight to hell with misgiving after misgiving?

the road these two make is one of acceptance and seeing things for what they really are. sometimes it's hard to see what is right in front of you!
really really liked this book! and it's on my list to read again soon!

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