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Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Prey

Prey Prey by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

2 years have passed since the eldest brothers first shifted into a huge eagle, two years of them trying to figure out why he isn't shifting. his mothers words don't ring true for him, that a woman is the key to them being able to shift.
28 years old and finally finishing his engineering degree, he sets out to the jobfair on campus. dressed up in a suit that basically emptied out his savings account, briefcase filled with resumes, he has no high hopes. his spirit is lifted when he sees that for once he isn't the odd one out despite being 4 to 5 years older then most of them.
then a woman catches his eye and he stands there frozen, his soul waking up like it recognized its other half. he gets a one track mind, he has to meet her, talk to her, anything just to get close to her.
katrina is a bit bored as she's used as a nice front to lure in potential candidates for a summer internship. her boss is acting a bit strangely and each prospective candidate is quickly evaluated and more or less dismissed. her boss is looking for a specific person, a person related to someone having been seen shifting into a bird.
as the two meet there is that instant spark and katrina finds herself agreeing to things she normally wouldn't agree with. a stern look from her boos makes her wrap up the conversation but not before zach manages to squeeze a date out of her for the following day.
she takes him to a remote and derelict hotel, the view from the rooftop is worth trespassing for. up there it's like they are in their own little cocoon with nothing that can come between them, unless it's blue and red lights and the strong arm of the law.
this unfortunate interruption doesn't do much to dampen the mood that was growing between them and before long things really get hot and bothered.
the day after is mostly awkward but both had things to do so zach went home and hoped to have a nice day to relax. she's called in to work and told she's to welcome zach to the facilities and show him around. and this is where she starts suspecting a lot more is going on and she has to make a choice which way to go!

it's a bit of lead in but trust me, this is nothing compared to the actual story, the sparks are flying all over the place, their feelings genuine, their past troubled and complicated. i really loved this second book in the series and can hardly wait what's in store for brother number 3! roxie, write faster * wink * i like that they're all connected in someway and still you can read them on their own without feeling left out, enough is told to make up a general idea of what has happened to stay in the loop.

a must read!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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