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Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: The Hitman's Baby: A Standalone Bad Boy Romance Novel

The Hitman's Baby: A Standalone Bad Boy Romance Novel The Hitman's Baby: A Standalone Bad Boy Romance Novel by Kimberly Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

the first bad boy book from kimberly fox and it's a bulls eye shot! the mob are a ruthless bunch, they need their killers. but if your number one and two don't really get along you still make due. the big boss orders the ninja assassin to fetch his daughter from university, though colton thinks he's the better man to go pick her up. he goes against his boss' wishes and sets out to get her himself, convinced that having a bit more of human side to him would make her more willing to come home then with the ninja assassin.

on campus isn't really lucky in finding her, the only hint he's gotten was by sheer luck, finding out she started a certain class the morning after. this gave him a night to scout out the campus, maybe even find a party and a hot college girl to warm his bed for the night.

sara is at one of those parties with friends, friends who are trying to let her hook up with some one, anyone actually! every single one she turns down, she finds something wrong with all of them. that is until HE walks in. tall, dwarfing the others there as he stalks his way through the party goers like a pro. muscled from head to toe and covered in ink. she wasn't really sure if he actually fit on campus but yet he was here at the party. she knows he's out of her league and he gives of too much of a bad boy vibe to be any good for her. redirecting her attention she has the misfortune of being dragged into a conversation with her male friend, a friend who insists loves her and thinks that being drunk is the best way to convince her of his attention. taking him away from her friends she tries her best to let him down gently but the message isn't arriving. stumbling over her own words mister tall, handsome and muscle steps in going along with her fib telling her friend he's her boyfriend.
colton felt he just needed to step to safe the cute girl that had caught his attention before. something about her made him wild, made him want her, it also made him even more blunt then he already is. after escorting her to the dancefloor he doesn't mince words and actually enjoys their battle of words, no matter how riled she gets from it. he made it perfectly clear where he would love to have her lips and his promise that she would be back for him only was the cherry on top of it all.
sara was pissed, how dare he?! but after seeing him dancing with another girl she can't help but feel jealous and throws all caution in the wind. if her friends want her to have a college experience she's sure he'll be giving it to her.
the morning after is when all hells breaks loose when she tries to get him out of her dorm room but instead finds one of her dad's goon in front of her door and colton quickly finding out who she really is. colton turning out to also being a goon from daddy dearest.

when it pours, it rains they say and that is just what happens to sara when she sees the two goons fighting and makes her own getaway only to be picked up outside her down by a group of russian goons.

and then it's a race against the clock. who will find her? who will keep her sage? what more of the ugly past comes to the surface?

it's the first book for this writer in this genre and i was not disappointed. all the boxes got ticked. it had a nice flow to read, it had action (whichever kind you prefer dirty or violent) and it ends with no cliffhangers! really loved it and hope for more of the same in the future!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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