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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Heart's Flame

Heart's Flame Heart's Flame by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

keira has only knows life as living in a were bordello selling her body for sex. every so often she does make her escape and always ends up in barrett's magical supply shop. she knows she can't buy anything but just seeing and touching the little nick knacks make a world of difference to her.
she doesn't possess enough magic to be free, she simply followed her mother footsteps working at the bordello. at the age of 18 her v-card being sold for a big price.
barrett on the other hand is a full magic wielder, one of the best, that he's hot as hell doesn't pass her either but she knows nothing can come of it. they barely spoke a few words.
she's more then curious and surprised when suddenly she's told that barrett is her next client. it seems odd to her because all she knew barrett was a full blooded magic wielder, not someone who had at least 25% wolfblood!
a few misconceptions are worked through and the subtle attraction that has been weaving a spell between them blows up full force. for once she will not have to pretend to like a client, or fake an orgasm.
what barret has to tell her after is life changing and is hard for her to belief. he's making a huge effort in convincing her they have to get out of the bordello asap and keep her safe.

will they make it out?
is she really special?
she knows her mother but was never told who her father was, will she find out now?
will she be able to do what is asked of her?
or will she be th ruin of earth?

another fine, awesome and thrilling read from miss gimpel. i'm really glad i found her writing wise because once more she did not disappoint and i just devoured the book from start to end in a single reading session! it was that good! fast paced at the start, nice intermezzo's, enthralling characters that lure you in from the get go!
another must have!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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