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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review: Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Timo) BBW Bear Shifter Romance

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Timo) BBW Bear Shifter Romance Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Timo) BBW Bear Shifter Romance by Ariana Hawkes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i love these books! each and every single one!
timo's story is just hmmmm. who wouldn't want a man stripping for them?
sadly this little fact makes "her" decide that their encounter is just a one off.
only timo's bear has other ideas because he deemed her their mate and timo agrees. no other woman made them feel like this, no other woman was so perfect for them. but he has a tour to finish, he doesn't want to let down the town they're trying to safe with the profit their making stripping.
a few towns over Raven still can't belief about what she did. it was the most perfect night of her life and she walked away!
a few weeks have passed and everything changed, she was fed up with her job and the god forsaken town she lived in. impulsively she decides to make the big move and go to hope valley. mutual friend Lauren steps in to help her find a job and lodgin. the fact that raven isn't feeling super doesn't get by lauren and she starts putting one and one together. she only knows of one way to bring these two back together and that is the shiftr app they all used to find their mate, she knows Timo is on there, now it's get raven on there and let the app do the rest!

another wonderful addition to this series. at first i wondered where things were going because it took a while before the app was actually used but when it did get mentioned and how : brilliant!
if you liked and loved the other stories , you will love this one just as much if not more!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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