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Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Southern Shifters: Finding Luke

Southern Shifters: Finding Luke Southern Shifters: Finding Luke by V. Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

what a read! passion, heartache, drama,... it's all there.
xena is 35 and still a single cougar, she dated almost all of the elibable man in the pack but not a single one made her cat purr. that is until luke enters her hair salon. that's when her cat decides to start acting like a hussy in front of the tower of a man with his rugged looks and sweet sent. she senses he's a shifter too and with the way he moves she's almost sure he's some type of cat.
luke doesn't leave untill he made sure they were having a date. entering the salon had sealed the deal for him, xena was his, styled hair, curves and magical hands to boot.
what turns out to be the best night of her life turns into a nightmare when luke casually mentions her he's a werebear.
you can do a lot in her pack but what is a big no no is mixing species . but fate has other ideas and xena can't stay away from luke but the consequences aren't nice as she find the front of her hairsalon vandalized. they get even worse when not even a day later luke is almost killed!
what will these two shifters do? family means everything to them. one has left one behind, the other knows hers won't accept her mating for what it is.

loved reading lukes story and the little surprise near the end had me giggling a bit, it was a nice pun to the story and certainly gave it a fun ending for the couple! loved how it tied in with both the kindle world series and violets own world. nice cross over! i wouldn't mind reading about gigi hint hint

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