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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review: Unbearable Curves: The Grizzly Next Door

Unbearable Curves: The Grizzly Next Door Unbearable Curves: The Grizzly Next Door by Aya Morningstar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

effie returns home after the death of her mom. she's set on running the B&B her mom left her. listening to the news, she gets a bit spooked because woman exactly like her are disappearing. still wanting to go out for a drink she decides to go to the local pub, knowing there are always enough people around.
she runs into some old girlfriends from school and gets an ever bigger surprise when she's told her friend from eons ago, Abel is back into town. he's one of the local cops now.
when he arrives, effie has to conclude that he isn't as brawny as he was as a kid. he's a hulking tower of a man now. rekindling their friendship goes so easy.
sadly their night takes a turn into strange territory when Effie feels like she's being watched. it doesn't take Abel long to figure out what's happening and his bearly instincts take over, the sole thing on his mind if keeping Effie safe at all cost.
the situation they're now in is dangerous but still that old familiar feeling between them creeps in and this time it is a lot stronger then all those years ago.
is effie really a target? will abel be abel to find the creep? is there more at play then just woman disappearing?
loved the drama and the core of this story. it isn't just wham bam, thank you mam. the story is build up and reaches a peak that's hard to repeat.
just a shame the ending felt a bit rushed and could easily have lasted a bit longer.

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