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Friday, December 4, 2015

Review: Bad Boy Fire Bear: Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance

Bad Boy Fire Bear: Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance Bad Boy Fire Bear: Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance by Bella Love-Wins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the first in a series with their own endings and i'm already wanting the next one!
joleen is cautious. trapped in a bad relationship she just wants to work, scrape all her cash/tips together in hopes of saving enough on the sly to get away from her abusive drunk, soon to be ex-boyfriend Cole. when jax crosses her path she's not sure how to take it. word quickly get's to her that he's a one night stand man but that shouldn't interest her, she's not looking for a man, not even for a one night stand! she's looking for an affordable place to stay!
fate had other ideas because jax keeps coming back into her life like a moth to a flame. she's seriously starting to doubt his interest in her but she can't deny the fact that the interest is there too the other way around. cocky as he sounds, big as he is, he still makes her feel safe and wanted and itching to just roam her hands all over him.
it doesn't take long for jax to figure out how her situation is and he and his bear are having a hard time just leaving it be. he would prefer to just whisk her away and keep her safe and for himself alone.
it was a joy to read about these two, things certainly didn't go easy! yeah there was some heart trampling at some point and lots of regrets.
there is quite a bit of drama in this story and you can understand why people made certain choices, it's how they deal with it that makes this story such an awesome read!

i'll be looking out for the rest in the future

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