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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review: Fighting for Wolves

Fighting for Wolves Fighting for Wolves by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

grey stumbles up on a corpse in a dark alley. the first murder in this little town in 30 years!
just her luck. Dane, the towns newly promoted detective, has to keep his wolf in check when he has to interview Grey. Mine is all his beast is telling him. but he also feels Grey isn't telling him everything just as his gut tells him she's innocent.
relieved to be dropped of at home, Grey has a hard time struggling with her secret addiction. should she go back or not? addiction getting the better of her, she makes her way down into the dark corners of the shop. behind locked doors she feels the familiar thrill wash over her when she's around the betting tables. only she isn't welcomed this time. though she know nothing is her fault, she kept her mouth shut about her real whereabouts the night before. things start to get hairy, that is until Isaac steps in and removes the individual making her time here hellish.
later on she even gets arrested and put in a holding cell. when isaac comes in to keep her company and dane joins them, it becomes clear to her the two men know each other. which is confirmed when dane tells her they're mated.
how these three will move on from everything is a big question with more drama and bad choices lurking around the corner.
the start of this story reads a bit more complicated BUT it adds so much to the story when you see all the pieces falling into place.
really, really loved the story, the emotion, hardship. there are quite a few time you could say : love is, taking care of each other no matter what!

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