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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Review: Scholar

Scholar Scholar by Cass Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We've met Theron before. reluctantly helping his brother, he doesn't come across as being the nicest person and he seems to be a bit of a jerk. he hate his shifter side and has spend the last few years looking for a cure to get rid of his tiger.
when lilly tries to warn him that there is some kind of price on his head, that the local fighting ring is after his hide, he ignores her and her warning.
yet deep down his beast is rumbling with something he doesn't want to recognize or even accept. he knows what lilly really is and he despises her "kind", humans that willingly let themselves be altered to become more! disgusting!
but his beast is stubborn enough to let him track her down. what he finds out and learns puts her in a whole new perspective and he starts to agree with his tiger, she may be their fated mated.
but realizing something doesn't always make things easier and it's then when things start to get rough and dangerous.
it's the final story in this trilogy but i do wonder if it really is?
i loved meeting the new characters and also liked seeing how some of our others were doing.

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