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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Call Me Killer

Call Me Killer Call Me Killer by Linda Barlow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

he's seen as the black sheep in town since they all think he actually murdered his former girlfriend. he knows he hasn't, she just vanished without a trace! but still the stigma stays with him. yet he manages to find himself a stray girl that jumps into his car and urges him to drive off, fast!
he's not too happy to have her on board but he can't help but somehow be curious about her.
she's too smart mouthed and without much trouble sweet talkes herself into staying, which he allowed, for one night. right ... one day and she's already snooping around on his computer, lecturing him about it not being safe enough, to easy to hack ... it doesn't take her long to find out who he is but it also doesn't take her long to know for sure he didn't do what the whole town accuses him off. loving mysteries and puzzles she's drawn to his predicament. with enough talking he begrudgingly allows to look further.
this is the start for a very daring, straining journey for them both. it doesn't take them long to end up in bed together either.

this isn't just the story of a bad boy but a story that covers so much more. i loved this from start to finish, every twist and turn and how these two grew to be so much for each other. an awesome read!

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